Why music?

Silence usually causes an oppressive feeling, you don't feel comfortable, unease spreads. The right background music, on the other hand, creates positive emotions and is an important feel-good factor. The right music increases the length of stay and also sales. This has been confirmed by numerous studies..

Whether in retail, gastronomy or the hotel industry, the right music stream contributes to a positive image and becomes part of the ambience and also part of the brand.

Streampal always offers the perfect music brand, in all areas at all times. The music is matched to the phases of the day, whether relaxed or dynamic.

Suitable background music for restaurants at lunchtime, for day-to-day business in general, suitable for dinner and drinks at the bar.

In the hotel industry, all the different areas - lobby, bar, spa, fitness - can be ideally supplied with music. In retail, the music is tailored to your clientele..

Music streams are more than just background music.
Music is good for the soul and well-being. And when you feel good, you like to stay longer, no matter where.