SMARTpal hardware

SMARTpal by Nuvolight

The perfect and reliable hardware. Simply connect to the internet, power and audio. You'll be amazed at how easy music streaming can be. It is operated exclusively via a web interface. This means you can control the SMARTpal with practically any smartphone, tablet/ipad, laptop or desktop PC if required.
The user interface is customized for you so that anyone can operate the device. All functions are already programmed. You can still start/stop and select streams and adjust the volume.
SMARTpal by Nuvolight

Individualized and personalized hardware

Plug and play system

Control possible by all kind of devices
(tablet, smartphone, PC, Mac,...)

With the help of an upgrade, you can also control, coordinate and program your entire audio and lighting technology in addition to the music streams.

Integrated offline streams, further special features possible

Recommended for premium streams